Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012


If you are often engaged with issues website or blog will certainly no stranger to hear the term website design. In this case, maybe you could say only a few people who truly understand about website design because it's still a thing that can not be recognized immediately by many people especially in Indonesia itself.But many people who can develop such websites kepasaran world, both the language of the technology and local discussion. In web design there will be some principles that are used, let us refer directly various principles used in the design of the website is as follows:

The first is that which is a metaphore penerapa old principles that will be used to generate a new principle.

The second is one in which Clarity in designing a website must have a purpose-and you could say if you must have a clear purpose.

Consistency third is the content that the content should have a consistent theme which does not change must have a fundamental reference.

Fourth is the Alignment is a neatness of a web design which will certainly affect the reader in listening to the website can be started from the form or additional paragraph-tambahn images contained in the web.

Proximity Fifth is the preparation and completion of a website and also can customize the theme to have some talks with supporting devices or items that can really make the atmosphere becomes more lively.

Contrast the sixth is a display problem which should give a nice impression for users or visitors of the website.By looking at the above six principles must have a very good destination if the view of the function of making the website itself. Because not many people are applying these principles to give an impression of a messy and well-structured, most webmasters still override the sixth principle. Surely we should be concerned about it, where the ethics of making a website to be greatly reduced even endangered.So from now apply these principles in making a website, is like saying there is wisdom not know it was saying. Know first principles website before making a website to get the optimal results and good and not on the rules of ethics in making this website. Actually it's all easy really if we look at it from the positive side we will receive. Therefore it's good to follow the rules to avoid things like the removal of unwanted or banned websites because it contains inappropriate content posted disebuah website.Ok that's just some of the principles of website design which you can see above, of any variety of these principles would provide a design websiteer become more regular and the principles in creating a website which will surely in general publications on the internet and of course the results would be more satisfying if you apply the design principles on which website can also be a handle as well as a reference in creating a website that will be helpful to those who view it over the internet. Hopefully the information provided to be an additional knowledge for all you lovers of internet business :)

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