Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

How to fix Windows 7 not genuine


Finally I have time again to share with friends about info or unique tricks. This time I want to share tricks on how to remove the words "Windows is not genuine" in the lower right-hand corner of your screen (Only for Windows 7).

Maybe it's a lot of articles that mengepost software like Windows 7 Loader, Windows 7 Activation, or otherwise. I have yet to test the software does because when my laptop was also affected "Windows is Not Genuine", the software will not work on my laptop. I'm sure there are some of my friends are just like me.
Well, now I've got the solution and it has worked. Jump aja follow step-by-step how to make Windows 7 we are healthy again. * Note: I'm sorry I did not put his Screen Shot, because yesterday I also do not believe that this method will work. I immediately tried this trick and did not get to take a SS with excitement. Hehe .. But, BELIEVE IT, IT WORKS successfully!!!
Here's what we've been waiting for. Check it:
This trick applies only to "Windows 7 Starter" and "Windows 7 Home Premium":
1. Run the "command prompt" with "run as administrator"
(Who do not know how = Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessoris -> Right-click 'command prompt' -> Run as administrator -> Press YES)
2. Type slmgr-rearm
(Note: After the 'slmgr' no spaces)
3. Press enter
4. Wait a minute, then there is a command to reboot, we just follow
5. After the reboot, Windows we will come back healthy. ^ _ ^
This trick applies to all versions of Windows 7:
1. First of all download software Chew-WGA (just click the link in it)
2. Once the download is complete, run the program directly
3. Select 'Apply'
4. Then there will be a command to reboot. We follow it, do not be a "Frontal Man". Hehe .. : P
5. After the reboot, Windows us clean of debris "Not Genuine". ^ _ ^
Once again, IT WORKS!!!
To prevent Windows 7 we return to the wrong path as before (Not Genuine), immediately follow the course of the following ways:
1. Open the 'Control Panel'
2. Click 'System and Security'
3. In the 'Windows Update', click on "Turn automatic updating on or off"
4. In the 'Important Updates' (that is image shield), Select "Never check for updates".
5. Click OK
The point is if we turn on Windows Update, when we connect to the Internet, Windows automatically we will track updates on the internet. This is exactly triggers Windows 7 being "Not Genuine".
Thank stopover in IT blog. I'm waiting for comments from friends

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