Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

How to upload videos to Youtube

Want to upload your video to You Tube?? How sich how?? I will explain how to upload videos to You Tube. Let's go ..!
1. click here
2. Register an account and have used You Tube
* 3. I click "Create Account"
* 4. Then fill the existing data
* 5. If you've finished, click "I accept Create my account"
6. After logging into your YouTube account, click the "Upload"
7. Choose "Select files from your computer"
8. Find the file to upload the data. If you have found click OK
9. Wait until the process is completed Uploading. The greater capacity of the video, the longer the process uploadingnya. So I suggest to compress your video into a smaller size first
10. Your video made ​​it to You Tube
For numbers that I put a star (*), it specifically for that yet have an account with You Tube. For those who already have straight Sign In to use your YouTube account and follow the step-6.

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  1. Thank you! I so appreciate this. You are a life saver... visit more info you are looking for Youtube Support You can reach Acetecsupport at their Call Toll Free No +1-800-231-4635 For US/CA.