Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Terms A Programmer

Hello friends ... This time I want to share a bit of knowledge about what we must have if we want to study in the department of IT in general, and so programmers in particular. For a long struggle with computers every day, would be familiar with the name ALGORITHM. In yet know yah?? Okay dah we discussed together here.

In a general sense, the algorithm adalahkumpulan order to solve a problem. This algorithm is one of the conditions that VERY IMPORTANT owned by a programmer. Usually the algorithm will be taught in college for IT majors sort of Information and Information Systems. An algorithm is a basic program that is used in the field of programming. The algorithm is often used to help solve problems in coding a program, such as Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, C + +, etc..

To learn more about algorithms and programming, you can download all the links below.

The addition of agan agan all I needed for the perfection of this article. Happy Blogging.

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